Riley is the mysterious girl at the other end of the street who makes it impossible for you to look away. There’s something about her that makes you want to get to really know her, fight for and care for her. She expresses vulnerability but acts as if she’s indestructible. Riley’s the adventurous, creative free spirit with a beautiful mind. She’s unpredictable in her actions and tends to surprise people with an unexpected act or word. She makes it hard for people to get close to her because it’s not easy for her to trust anyone. And yet, she’s got the ability to bring out another version of a person they didn’t even know existed, which is mostly a good – but sometimes a bad – thing. If you’re lucky enough to spend a little time and have a talk with her she can make you feel truly special. To most people she’s unapproachable which probably makes her even more desirable. She’s not a classic beauty like Skylar but to men she’s something like the infamous treasure everybody is talking about and wants to find. And to women? Well, Riley can really make a woman question her sexuality.

Riley is always lost in her own mind and thinks about stuff other people probably wouldn’t. She has a brilliant mind and is exceptionally smart. She learned a lot from her life on the streets and can relate to a great number of situations. Her biggest flaw is that she always hides her outstanding traits and real emotions behind her weapon of sarcasm and her tough, unapproachable demeanor. At first, one would think that Riley’s a player and doesn’t care much about profound relationships but she’s actually got a lot of love to give. And all she really wants is somebody in her life that sees through her façade and truly understands her. But it’s hard for Riley to let people into her life and build a relationship with them. She’s too afraid of losing someone important, just like she lost her real family, her adoptive parents and the love of her life.

Riley can be very selfish since she always had to care for herself and her well-being until she met her first love. It’s hard for her to look after somebody else and be grateful towards people who look after her. Riley tends to be short-tempered and hurt people she loves with her words or actions. She hates that about herself and is trying very hard to change.

Riley is the person in your life that will hurt you over and over again, mostly unintentionally, but you still won’t want to leave her because you love her and know that she needs you.

Riley was separated from her real family when she was only 1 year old and her mother took her away from both her abusive father and her older sister Skylar. Her mother knew that she couldn’t properly care for her little daughter and dropped her off at foster care. Riley can neither remember her mother or father nor the fact she that she has an older sister. She was living in the foster home for a couple of years until a wealthy couple, the Archibalds, adopted her. Their reason for the adoption was because they couldn’t have any children and needed to meet the standards of the affluent society they were a part of. So, Riley’s role in the family was basically to make them look good. Of course her bisexuality and free-spirited lifestyle didn’t help the family’s reputation, which is why they demanded thatshe act like someone she wasn’t. Riley wasn’t willing to play a role for her shallow family and deny who she really was. This led to her running away after her high school graduation and trying to live on her own despite loving her parents and being gratefull to them for giving her a new life. Riley went from one friend to another to spend a night or two and occasionally slept on the streets, anything it took to keep from going back to her parents and living a lie. To finance her basic needs, she worked several sidejobs. Her parents tried to contact her a few times to convince her to come back, but soon surrendered.

After a few months on the street, Riley met her first real love, Adira, a beautiful and kind-hearted African-American girl. Adira pulled Riley out of her depression which she had been suffering from since she was in her teens. They fell quickly anddeeply in love with each other and Riley even moved into Adira’s parents’ house until it all came crashing down. Riley had always been struggling with alcoholism and fought the addiction as well as she could, until one nightwhen an old friend from high school told Riley that her adoptive parents had taken in a boy as their foster son. Although she was the one who had decided to become emancipated from her parents, it hurt her deeply that they just replaced her with another, probably perfect person. Frustrated over the fact that her parents had finally given up on her, Riley bought a bottle of gin and got drunk at home where she told Adirathe news. Adira’s attemps to calm Riley down made her even more angry and she left the house to blow off some steam. Withoutthinking, she went to her adoptive parents’ house, grabbed a rock and destroyed their expensive car in the driveway. Unfortunately, a cop was on patrol around the corner who ordered Riley to stopand put her hands behind her head. Riley, not hearing the cop, kept hitting the car, which led him to take out his gun and point it at her at close range. Startled by the sudden appearance of the officer pointing a gun directly at her,Riley fumbled in her bag to find something for protection. The cop, assuming that Riley was about to take out a weapon, eput his finger on the trigger and aimed at her shoulder. What both of them hadn’t realized was that Adira had followed Riley to stop her from doing something stupid. As Riley was put her hand into her bag, she thought the same thing the cop did and ran up to Riley to stop her from provoking the officer to shoot. Out of surprise of Adira, an African-American, suddenly appearing and yelling at Riley to stop, the cop pulled the trigger and the bullet hit Adira right in the chest. She died on the way to the hospital while Riley was arrested for property damage and sentenced to 16 months in prison. The cop, on the other hand, is still on the force because he claimed that Adira’s shooting was done in self-defense and there were no witnesses who could prove otherwise.

Riley brings the fun and adventure but also the conflicts and danger into her friendship group. If things are hard she knows what to do to lift the mood and make everybody forget their troubles for a while. She’s the one who can show her loved ones some perspective with the help of her young and free spirit. She’s the nestling of the group everybody’s always worrying about.