Skylar is the strong, determined character, the guardian of the weak and the person you turn to if you need advice on very important life decisions or if you’re looking for a shoulder to lean on. She’s mentally and physically strong and knows exactly how to deal with difficult and critical situations because odds are good that she has lived through those situations before. Skylar is brave, fierce, brutally honest and almost always in control of her actions and emotions.

She’s very satisfied with who she is and how she looks, which sometimes might make her seem a little cocky and arrogant. Skylar knows exactly how to use her charm and sex appeal but rarely resorts to these assets as she’s not the kind of person who likes to play games. She’s a man’s dream and just a night with her usually isn’t enough for them. Even the biggest players can see themselves settling down with her. But Skylar isn’t that kind of woman. She needs her freedom and independence and can’t deal with the same man for more than a few nights. However, there might be a man from her past who she would throw all of her values away for. He’s the only person that could make Skylar lose control which might be one of the worst things that could happen to her.

Skylar seems cold at first, especially to those she doesn’t like or trust. But as soon as she decides a person is her friend, they become the most important person in her life and she lets them know and feel that. She would do anything for her loved ones even if it means she has to hurt someone else to protect them. And her loved ones would in return follow her over a cliff because they know what a valuable friend she is. Once they’re in her circle of trust, they’re in for good and she will be the most loyal and trustworthy person to them. But should one of her friends betray her even once, they’re out of Skylar’s life and they will regret it deeply.

This beautiful, confident woman seems to be fearless, but that’s not really the case. Skylar is just very good at hiding her fears and emotions and letting everybody believe nothing can throw her off track. But as soon as she is confronted with one of her biggest fears, Skylar turns into a person even her closest friends wouldn’t recognize. She turns into a hot mess or a delicate flower that’s about to break apart. But since Skylar is so in control of herself, thesse kinds of situations are so rare that maybe not even her loved ones will ever see that side of her.

Skylar is a very contradictory character. She is broken but strong. She is cold to those she doesn’t trust and has the biggest heart for those she loves. She’s got a serious manner but can be funny as hell. She’s messy but always in control. She’s brave and courageous but has a lot of hidden fears.

Skylar is the one person in your life that nobody could ever replace.

Skylar grew up with her mother, her little sister and her abusive father. Her alcoholic father Hank would regularly beat her mother and display violent behavior towards Skylar and her mother Debra, even when she was still very young. This violent behavior led her mother to leave Skylar and her father and take her little sister Riley with her when was 5 years old. Debra wanted to take Skylar with her but her father threatened to go after them and hurt all three of them if she didn’t leave Skylar with him.

As Skylar grew a little older, her father started to sexually abuse her. Not even his new girlfriend and the arrival of his newborn baby girl could change that. Skylar was so scared of her father that she couldn’t muster up the courage to report him to the police or run away. So she sucked it up, took his hits and tried to feel numb when he sneaked into her bedroom in the middle of the night while his girlfriend was sleeping next door. She put up with this until she was 21,when her father began doing the same things to her 5-year-old half sister. She couldn’t bear the thought of her own little sister being sexually abused by that monster. So one night, Skylar saw her father dead drunk on the sofa once again and knew this was her chance to stop the madness. She took her father’s baseball bat, and hit him over and over again. Unfortunately, her father’s yelling woke up his girlfriend who stopped her from beating her father to death and called the police who came and arrested Skylar for aggravated assault. She was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Skylar is the leader of the three protagonists. She always knows what to do and how to get out of a crisis. She’s the rational one who always stays on top of things. When things get messy she’s the one to clean up the mess and when one of her loved ones gets into a bad situation she’s willing to take the fall for them in order to protect them. She’s something like the protective but very strict Mom of the group.