Tristan is a proud and confident man who isn’t afraid to express his feelings. He doesn’t care if his feelings and emotionsmake him look weak, weird or seem like an asshole,. Hiding one’s real emotions to appear tough is something Tristan can’t stand. He is very sensitive and empathic but that doesn’t mean that he’s a weak man. He protects people from getting hurt and he would give his own life to save another person’s. Tristan is sincere and, just like Skylar, brutally honest. He is a man of integrity and would never let anyone make him forget his values. He would never speak ill about a loved one even if that person is beinghated by everybody else. He’s a very loyal and dependable friend and family member.

Tristan’s the quiet guy sitting in the corner at a party, observing the scene and forming an opinion on just about anything. One of his strengths (and also his curse) is that he knows exactly how people around him feel and what might be going on in their heads. This makes him a very caring and sympathetic friend but sometimes it can get a little too much for him to feel all the emotions everybody around him is feeling. Taking care of his mother has taught him how to get through tough situations and how to make other people feel better by convincing them that everything is going to be fine. It has also made him a serious man who tends to be constantly concerned about his loved ones.

Tristan is a woman’s man. His quiet and confident manner attracts a lot of women. But serious relationships, with women and in general, are what he really cares about. He’s been with his high school sweetheart for years and they’ve gone through a great number of bad experiences together. Their relationship is very strong but it might not survive the most recent drama around Tristan.

Tristan is the realest person in your life and you always know that he speaks the truth and has a valid reason for all of his actions. He doesn’t play games and you know that this man will never change, which is a good thing.

Tristan grew up in a rather poor family with his father, a correctional officer, his stay-at-home mom and his little brother. They’re a very loving and supportive family. After the death of Tristan’s father when Tristan was 16 years old, his mother fell into a terrible depression for which she needed expensive medication and therapy. Since his father hadn’t left them a lot of money, Tristan needed to find a way to earn some money in order to care for his mother. A friend of his hooked him up with a big-time drug trafficker, Debra, Skylar and Riley’s biological Mother. He decided to take the job as a transporter while he was still in high school. Debra and Tristan developed something of a mother-son-relationship. She saw Tristan’s potential and valuable personality and didn’t want him to destroy his life like she destroyed hers and probably her daughters’. She knew that he needed the money to provide for his family, so she gave him enough money so that he couldstop working as a drug transporterand be able to pay his Mother’s the medical bills. It’s obvious that Tristan is beyond grateful to Debra and would do anything for her.

After graduating from High School, Tristanwanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a correctional officer. He started working at the prison in which both Riley and Skylar were incarcerated. After Debra heard about this, she asked Tristan to look out for them and bring them together but not to tell them they’re sisters. After everything Debra had done for him, he agreed to do her this favor even though lying was something he promised he would never do. Tristan made sure both of them were safe behind bars and brought them closer together. He ended up becoming friends with them and genuinely caring about them. They felt like sisters to him which is why he did what he did to get arrested. Riley’s depression came back in prison and they wouldn’t give her proper medication. Tristan couldn’t bear to see Riley suffering like that, so he provided her with Xanax to help her feel better. He was caught in the act, arrested and sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Tristan is the last one of the three protagonists to be released from prison. His release is where the show sets in.

Tristan brings the authenticity to his friendship group. He’s the honest protector with a big heart and the person with the best values. He can bring sanity into all the craziness and calm everybody down. When it feels like everything is going downhill Tristan is there to salvage the situation. He’s like the big brother who can’t help but take care of everybody.