Skylar, Riley and Tristan might be out of prison but somehow they’re still trapped. Trapped in the past with all their mistakes, the enemies they’ve made in and outside of prison and a big secret that could change everything, a secret Tristan has been keeping from Riley and Skylar for far too long. Riley and Skylar – two convicts who are in fact sisters but have no idea that they are related. Tristan – a prison guard who promised their mother to look after them in prison and keep their relationship a secret. It was easier for Tristan to play this game behind bars with all the rules and distance between them. But now that they’re all out in the free world, the secret is about to be exposed and drama will be inevitable.

«Life After Orange» is a drama series about three ex-convicts navigating their lives after prison. It’s about three human beings who might have made questionable choices in the past but are not necessarily bad people. You can’t fully love or hate these three complex characters who will make you realize that the world isn’t just black or white and that, in the end, we’ve all got our own story that has made us the person we are today.